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President Barack Obama Stops By Washington Auto Show [PHOTOS]


It's not easy being POTUS.

You have security with you 24/7. You have to mind your Ps and Qs. And, you always roll via motorcade. 

So, it's no wonder President Obama made a surprise appearance at the Washington Auto Show today. After all ... if the leader of the free world can't drive, he should at least be able to sit in some hot, new hybrid cars!

Barack said some leaders are "willing to let this industry die," but as he sat inside and inspected approximately 15 plug-in electric vehicles and sexy trucks he shouted that "the U.S. auto industry is back!" The president is making the auto industry's recovery a major part of his re-election.

So, doesn't anyone know who won the GOP primary in Florida? 'Cause Barack's car show is the only thing we see on TV.

You play that political race card, Barack.

Vroom, vroom!



Photos by the wonderful Mark Wilkins,

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