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Cody Eakin: Pretty Pie (For A White Guy)


What will those uppercrust ice athletes think of next?

First, Washington Capitals Captain Alex Ovechkin was turned into wax. Then, some of the Caps boys rocked the runway. And now, NHL Newbie Cody Eakin is explaining to the WWW why he got some pie to the face.

Cody made his first Caps goal ever, which won him a lot of media attention and a shaving cream pie -- bam! straight to the kisser -- via the hands of Ovi. 

Dang! Talk about a pie-eating contest! If this is what would happen to us if we got a goal, we'd never score (because we'd be too flipping afraid). And, if we accidentally did score, we'd bluff by giving the team captain the evil pie eye through the rest of the game.

But, since Toby is way tougher than any member of Team Glittarazzi, we're going to file this incident under "nice as pie."

Aiiight. We're going to shut our pie holes now and get straight to the pie-eyed faceoff video -> here. 

Congrats, Cody! We think you're pretty pie for a white guy.  


 Did you know? ... Cody Eakin was in a movie theater, watching "In Time," when his phone rang Monday and the Capitals summoned him to Washington. Cody, 20, was one of the last players cut from Capitals training camp this season, but after 10 games (3 goals, 8 assists) with Hershey, the big club wanted to take a look at its young prospect. When the Capitals assigned him to the Bears on Oct. 4, Eakin was told that where he ultimately spends the most time in his first full season as a pro would be a reflection of his work. - via wapo 


Cody's first goal puck via @SergeyKocharov


Photos via OT 

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