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Face The Facts: There Are Zombies, Zombies, Everywhere (Including The Twittersphere)!

zombie 2012 06 01

All right, folks, it's time to prepare the bunkers.

In case you haven't heard: the zombie apocalypse is upon us.

  • A man ate another man's face in Miami.
  • A houseguest ate the heart and brains of his host in Maryland.
  • This guy in New Jersey carved out his own intestines. 
  • It's not just the U.S.A.: A man in Sweden cut off his wife's lips and devoured them.
  • Hazardous materials were released this week at the University of Illinois's Institute for Genomic Biology.

While the thought of anyone munching away at our faces is not funny at all, we did giggle a little bit when we saw the hashtag #SignsHeMightBeAZombie trending on Twitter.

Here's a few of our faves:

zombie tweet 1 2012 06 01

zombie tweet 2 2012 06 02

zombie tweet 3 2012 06 01

zombie tweet 4 2012 06 01

zombie tweet 5 2012 06 01

VIDEO: "Zombies" By The Cranberries

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