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Shit DC Says: Finally, Something To Help Explain The Weirdos In Washington [VIDEO]


There's finally a viral video that we can send to our families back home to try to explain the bizarre lives we live in our Nation's Capital.

(Because nobody in Washington, D.C., is actually from D.C.)

From D.C. Brau and the recently revived food scene (think "Food Truck Friday") to the extreme summer humidity and the lack of voting rights (and hot dates), this video -- with all the "Shit D.C. Says -- made us LOL.

But, seriously. Have your friend at the DOD call me and I will meet him with my CIA friend on H Street, or maybe bloody marys at that great brunch spot ... because, after all, H Street is so hard to get to.

Uh, why are we so obsessed with cupcakes and Shake Shack? And, why do people pay $1400 per month for rooms that aren't even bedrooms?

Remember, folks: compared to New York, this isn't even a city.

And you thought the people on Capitol Hill had issues. ...


This video is brought to you by ... Living Social's blog, Social Studies - Whether you’re a native Washingtonian or a D.C. transplant, chances are you’ve heard people say all of these -- sometimes in one night.

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