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Need A Date? Just Hop On Pinterest! It's Fast-Becoming A Non-Traditional Dating Site

sean roberts_2012_04_11

Welcome to the Internet: home of the creative, the fearless, the ... desperate?

OK, we'll take our judgement hats off for this one, but, we have to say, it's really a doozy.

You all probably know and love the new social-media website, Pinterest -- which is really appealing to the ladies of the world by allowing them to easily share and save pictures of things they want to buy, make, and just admire.

So, of course a guy would come along who would decide to exploit that idea. All of that estrogen in one place? Seems like a great way to find a date!

Enter Sean Roberts (photo, above). Well, actually, enter Sean's co-worker, who pinned a photo of Sean along with his number and email to a message saying "Repin [sic] my cute coworker! He is single and ready to mingle." -- which went viral!

We would be a little freaked out, but we kind of love that kind of bromance.

Want to hear more about the story? WTF, Pinterest has an interview with Sean, right here.

Video: Bromance - Have You Met Ted?


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