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Filmmaker David Lynch Branches Out Into ... Dom Perignon Champagne


We’ll take our Dom Perignon with a twist of Blue Velvet, please.

david-lynch-2012-07-18Director David Lynch -- whose films include Blue Velvet, Wild at Heart and the Twin Peaks series -- is infusing the iconic champagne with his own creative juices.

But, don’t worry, he’s only messing with the label (not the recipe).

In October, the brand will debut David's seductively sinister design, which he developed with Special Effects Guru Gary D’Amico. The duo played around with torches, smoke machines, light rays and sparkles. (Yup.) And, although the director is notoriously outside the norm, he said he likes going commercial every once in awhile because of the opportunity to experiment with new technology.

Fortunately, for Dom Perignon, he left out the severed ear ... this time. 

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