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National Women’s History Museum Honors Maya Angelou, Annie Leibovitz & Elizabeth Dole


Did you know that Maria Mitchell was the first woman in the Western Hemisphere to discover a comet?

Or, that war correspondent Martha Gellhorn was arrested for locking herself in a ship’s toilet to cover the invasion of Normandy because female reporters weren’t allowed in combat?

The National Women’s History Museum does.

The de Pizan Honors – named for Christine de Pizan, the first female historian – paid tribute to Legendary Photographer Annie Leibovitz, President of the Red Cross Elizabeth Dole and Maya Angelou at the Ronald Reagan building Wednesday night.

“Obviously, with Elizabeth Dole and Maya Angelou, I’m feeling pretty humble right now. They’re amazing women. I’m feeling a little like the youngster,” Leibovitz told Glittarazzi, laughing.

The de Pizan Honors awards extraordinary women past and present by pairing an historical female figure with her contemporary. Leibovitz received the Dorothea Lange Living Legacy Award, Angelou received the Gwendolyn Brooks Living Legacy Award and Dole received the Clara Barton Living Legacy Award.

The refreshingly funny Los Angeles comedy duo, Frangela, emceed the evening, making for a pleasantly different atmosphere than the majority of suited-and-stuffy awards galas. Another unexpected dose of humor came from Dole, who shared several personal stories of experiencing sexism during the course of her career. (From a security guard at a building where women weren’t allowed: "Ma’am, I don’t care if your name is Queen Elizabeth. You can’t come in!")

“I’m passionate about helping women reach their full potential. In each position I’ve been in in my 40 years in public service, that’s been something that I’ve tried to do,” Dole told Glittarazzi.

Angelou sent her cousin, event co-chair Gloria Herndon, to accept her award, along with a video message.

“It is my hope that my work will continue to be an inspiration to women today and tomorrow,” Angelou said.

Done, Maya. #girlpower.

DiD yOu KnOw? ... The National Women's History Museum is working to secure land on the National Mall. Sign the petition here.

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Top 5: TV Shows President Obama Likes To Watch At The White House

obamas tv 2012 10 30

Leslie Knope is definitely freaking out right now.

When the POTUS has a night off to unwind, he likes to spend his TV time watching "Parks and Recreation" and "Modern Family," he said.

And, when he's on his own, President Obama can be found watching "Homeland," "Boardwalk Empire" and "The Wire."

Are we surprised about the President's TV preferences?

Well, we already knew he was kind of a baller when we found out how much he loves Jay and Bey, so, no, not really!



Top 5: TV Shows President Obama Likes To Watch At The White House


  • Parks and Recreation
  • Modern Family
  • Homeland
  • Boardwalk Empire
  • The Wire

DiD yOu KnOw? ... We all know that President Obama loves hip hop and the blues, but did you know that he's also a big fan of Sheryl Crow and Elton John? Read more about his musical tastes, here.

Video: Lil Niqo - "Television Love"

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Photo Of The Week: President Obama Hugs Veep Joe Biden On Election Night


PHOTO OF THE WEEK: President Barack Obama hugs Vice President Joe Biden following his election night remarks at a reception at McCormick Place in Chicago, Ill., Nov. 6, 2012. Joining them on stage are First Lady Michelle Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia. (Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy)

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POTUS Barack Obama Kicks Some A$$ & Wins Again (Sorry, Romneybot!)

obama cool 2012 06 19
President Barack Obama just won the presidential election.

Yep! That means he got his second term -- four more years in the White House!

Congrats, POTUS!

Sorry, Romneybot. It was fun while it lasted.




Video: "All I Do Is Win"


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Mitt Romney Scores Another Celebrity Endorsement From 'The Simpsons' Star Mr. Burns


Who says Democrats get all the cool endorsements? 

Republican Presidential Contender Mitt Romney has landed the invaluable endorsement by Montgomery Burns, the diabolical millionaire from "The Simpsons."

In the ad, Mr. Burns confronts the number one threat to a Republican victory on Tuesday: the story of Mitt’s Irish setter, "Shamus."

“What’s that? You like being tied to the roof of the car?” Mr. Burns asks a twitchy dog brought in to play Shamus (who would be long dead by now). “Because it allowed you to see more of this great land of ours? And its wonderful natural resources, ripe for drilling and mining and exploiting …?”

To “put the issue to rest,” Burns lets Shamus choose between a Romney impersonator, offering up a steak, or an Obama impersonator, offering up one of Michelle Obama’s “healthy snacks.”

Take your pick America: Broccoli Obama or Meat Romney?


Video: Mr. Burns Endorses Romney | The Simpsons
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Your Election Simplified: Take This Super Easy Quiz To Decide Which Candidate Is Best For You


As Election Day looms over us like an evil Monday, a gaggle of constituents remain who have yet to make up their minds on whom they’re voting. 

These “undecided voters” might also be classified as “conflicted voters”—meaning they like both candidates’ stances on a number of different issues.

Never fear! Put the Advil down and consider your electoral headache soothed, because BuzzfFeed has put together a super-easy quiz to determine which candidate is right – or at least better – for you.

Dog person or cat person? Snooki or Sammi ‘Sweetheart’? Chemtrails or tort reform?

These might sound like pointless questions, but they just might be indicators of which way your subconscious is pulling. Dog person? You’ll probably want to pass on Mitt Romney. Snooki? Barack Obama doesn’t even know what that is.

And, if all else fails, Eenie-Meenie-Miney-Mo it and call it another four years.


DiD yOu KnOw? ... Here's how Mitt Romney and Barack Obama stand on the real issues. []

Video: Save Ron Paul (parody)


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Obama Advisor David Axelrod Bets His Trademark Mustache Over Battleground States

David Axelrod 2012 11 1

David Axelrod is hardcore.

How do we know?  He has some basa$$ trademark facial hair, which he's worn for pretty much his entire adult life.

And now,  

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Newark Mayor Cory Booker Gets His SuperHeroism On (Again) During Hurricane Sandy

cory booker 10 30
Residents of Newark, N.J., can rest easy knowing that in these chaotic times following FrankenStorm Sandy they can put their trust in a guardian who watches over them.

A man who should probably consider donning a mask and cape before rushing in to action, alerted that he's needed by his very own bat signal — Twitter.

We're talking, of course, of the city's mayor, Cory Booker.

On Tuesday night, the rising political star and social-media junkie (dude's got more than a million Twitter followers) was alerted by the tweet of Newark resident Brett Baker that there were some homeless people congregating in an area of the city that regularly floods.

Within an hour of that the initial tweet, Cory sent a reply on twitter reading "Thanks. Just left. We were able 2 convince & transport 32 homeless brothers & sisters 2 shelter."

That's right. He went down there and helped remedy the situation ... personally!

Of course, those familiar with Cory's career will know that this is pretty common for the mayor of the largest city in New Jersey, who's been known to be hands on with the heroics. In April, he ran into a burning building to rescue a neighbor. During the intense winter storm of December 2010, he and his staff drove around responding to tweets for help from residents who were snowed and shoveled them out. He even spoofed himself in a video on Gov. Chris Christie's YouTube page!

Seriously, Cory. Just get some tights and an alter ego already. We suggest: "Twitter Man!"

Video: "Hero" - Enrique Iglesias


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BAMF Gov. Chris Christie: Sandy Aftermath Is More Important Than Mitt Romney's Visit

chris christie 2012 10 30

In case you weren't aware, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is kind of a B.A.M.F.

The Republican politician was on "Fox & Friends" after Hurricane Sandy hit, and was asked whether Mitt Romney would be joining him in surveying the damage done to his state.

"I have no idea, nor am I the least bit concerned or interested," he responded. "I've got a job to do here in New Jersey that's much bigger than presidential politics."

The Governor has also made waves by publicly commending President Obama on his quick response to the hurricane damage. 

Sounds like Mitt might want to kiss any future photo ops in New Jersey good-bye -- at least, for the near future.

DiD yOu KnOw? ... We've been avidly following Chris' Twitter for updates on the Jersey Shore flooding since the storm began. Our favorite tweet, though, has got to be the one where he announced that he would sign an executive order to move Halloween, should conditions be unsafe for trick-or-treating on the 31st. Check it out, here.

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Mitt Romney Donates Campaign Bus To A Much Better Cause: Hurricane Relief


The candidates have called off the East Coast campaigning out of respect for the 90 m.p.h. witch that is Hurricane Sandy.

But, that doesn’t mean their resources have to sit idle.

Mitt Romney is filling up a campaign bus of basic supplies -- like toilet paper, canned goods, and, of course, Ramen noodles -- in anticipation of victims stranded by the storm.

Curt Cashour, director of communications for the Romney campaign in Virginia, tweeted that the donations will be delivered to the victims themselves. Want to help? Donations are being accepted at all Romney offices in Virginia. Find a list of locations here.

We must admit that disaster relief is a much more appealing cause than political campaigning.

Video: Obama vs. Romney Dance-Off

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Joss Whedon Wants You To Vote For Mitt Romney (If You're Ready For The Zombie Apocalypse)

zomney 2012 10 29

Joss Whedon, the mastermind behind such classics as "Firefly" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," wants you to vote for Mitt Romney -- but, only if you're ready to face zombie apocalypse.

According to Joss, Mitt has "the vision and determination to cut through business as usual politics and finally put this country back on the path to a zombie apocalypse."

In his humorous PSA (below), as Joss he stocks up on supplies in his kitchen, he explains how Mitt's policies and campaign promises are no good for America. Unless, of course, you're looking to get your "Walking Dead" skills on.

Check out the funny parody (which already has more than 1 million views), below.

Video: Joss Whedon on Romney 


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Face Value: Guy Gets Romney-Ryan Campaign Logo Tattooed On His Face

eric hartsburg 2012 10 29

They say a picture is worth one thousand words.

So, if you glance up at the above image, then you pretty much know the gist of the story about Eric Hartsburg and his latest tattoo.

But, allow us to give the details. ...

Yes, that's a Romney-Ryan campaign logo tattooed on the 30-year-old Indiana man's face. Yes, he's a registered Republican. Yes, he plans on voting for Mitt Romney. But no, he didn't exactly do this on his own initiative.

You see, Eric's an enterprising kind of guy and recently posted an ad on eBay -- offering to tattoo whatever the winning bidder wanted on to the side of his face. A Romney supporter with deep pockets won the auction by offering $15,000 and Eric said yes (though there were was larger offer that he turned down because it was for a lewd graphic).

Eric's reasoning to deface his face seems to be two-fold: he told one reporter "you only live once" (the long form of "YOLO"), and he told another that he sees it "as a way to encourage young people to vote."

But, don't worry Barack Obama supporters -- we doubt that seeing a campaign logo face tattoo will sway young swing voters -- especially since Eric's now auctioning off space for another tattoo on his forehead. Starting bid is $5,000.

God. Bless. America.

Video: "Gives You Hell" - All American Rejects



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Hurricane Safety Tips: White House Releases Hurricane Sandy Storm Advice Via FEMA


The Twittersphere can joke around about the storm [like this, this and that].

But, if you are in the path of Hurricane Sandy, you know she is no laughing matter.

The White House has released some Hurricane Sandy storm tips via FEMA. Check them out -- and, for the love of Twitter, stay safe! ...


If you live in a community in the path of Hurricane Sandy, there’s still time to prepare for the storm. FEMA makes these suggestions on its blog:


  • Get some extra cash out at the ATM today. If the power goes out, banks/ATMs may be offline for some time.
  • Make a plan for how you’ll keep your cell phone charged if you lose power for several days. Picking up a solar or hand-crank charger for your phone is a good idea.
  • Take steps to protect your home/business from high winds – cover windows, clean gutters, trim trees.
  • Get to the store today for emergency supplies such as water, nonperishable food, batteries, flashlight, etc.
  • Make sure you have what you need in case the power goes out and cold weather moves in.
  • Double check that you have a safe, warm place you can go, blankets in your home/car, and winter items like snow shovels and rock salt. 

The White House also wants employers to make sure that their employees are prepared -- in addition to reviewing continuity and tele-work plans.



Photo: President Barack Obama receives an update on the ongoing response to Hurricane Sandy at the National Response Coordination Center at FEMA headquarters in Washington, D.C., Sunday, Oct. 28, 2012. FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate, right, and Richard Serino, FEMA Deputy Administrator, are seated next to the President. October 28, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

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