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Hold Up! Gary Johnson Does Town Hall With Pagans


Gary Johnson isn’t your typical GOP hopeful running for President.

For one thing, even though he has the small-government and low-tax rhetoric that red staters love, he’s got some pretty liberal leanings when it comes to social issues. It’s probably the big reason that the Former Governor of New Mexico has been a little low in the polls.

Gary’s just the wild card in the whole race for the Republican nomination. So you’d think he’d do more to reach out the Republican base, right? Nope. On Sunday, Gary participated in a Google+ Town Hall (we just realized they actually have those!) with several Pagan media outlets.

Yes, you read that correctly: Pagan media (as well as several witches, Wiccans, etc.).

Gary explained his decision to do the town hall by explaining that "this whole campaign is about talking to anyone who will listen."

On question, though: do witches vote? 


Editor's note: I apologize for not catching the term "devil worshipers" in the original blog post -- it was incorrect and has been removed. Here is more info on Paganism. Also, since publishing this piece, we've learned that witches in America are politically active; they do vote, volunteer, etc. This is all new to me, but I am always happy to learn new things. So, if you have additional comments/info, please feel free to send my way: kac (at) We'll have a follow-up article soon. Thank you for all the info and I apologize for the misinformation. - Kelly Ann Collins @kellyanncollins

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