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Comedienne Paula Poundstone Talks Politics, Occupy Movement & NPR


Hilariously brilliant Comedienne Paula Poundstone shared her thoughts on the Occupy Movement, NPR’s“Wait, Wait... Don’t Tell Me”, and politics, recently.

She will be in Washington, D.C., to perform at the Birchmere in Alexandria, Va., on Nov. 17 and you can catch her at least once a month stealing the show on the top rated weekend NPR show “Wait, Wait... Don’t Tell Me.”

Don’t miss her!

What do you like about Washington, D.C.?


I find D.C. a very exciting place. I like it that you see a wide array of races dressed in suits. They have the “haves” and the “haves-nots” unfortunately like a lot of our cities do. At the same time, it seems the “haves” are more multicultural compared to other cities. It gives me a feeling of hope. The history of the place, I enjoy all that. I am not a brilliant historian. Every time I go there, a lot of it is new to me.. I go, “Noo!” when I learn something historical from there. The audience there is great and the Birchmere (in Alexandria, VA) is one of my favorite venues.

Tell me about your visit with the Occupy Movement in D.C.?

It was rainy and started to snow a little bit, they were out on the marble square. I went over there.. I was really compelled. I really admire the Occupiers. Although they don’t have a coherent message, none-the-less, I don’t know the lasting effect of their work will be, but they have a real place in my heart. I walked down there.. I don’t know what I would say to them anyway.

Their tents were zipped up and for all I know they weren’t in their tents. I have no way of knowing. I walked around for a while. I donated some money. I stood in front of a tent and said, “Occupiers don’t get up. If you are in there, my name is Paula Poundstone, I want to thank you.” Never knowing if anyone is in there or not and I walked away. Maybe I didn’t speak to the core movers or shakers or the hangers-ons, but that was the last time I was in DC.

Tell me about your work with the NPR show “Wait, Wait... Don’t Tell Me?”.

It’s a fun group. There are about 10- 15 panelists that rotate in no particular order that I know of through out the show. I always feel I deserve a college credit just for talking to them. People ask me all the time about, “How do you win or lose on that show?” Although it’s true that occasionally I don’t know the name of a leader of some country, at the same time most games are won or lost based on whether or not you answered, “enormous monkeys down his pants”..a lot of animal smuggling questions.

I got involved in the show because I got a call to join, as I had never heard of the show. Originally the show was not shot in front of a live audience and we were all in studio hooked up to a wire and not even in the same room together. It has sort of evolved. Once they tasted the sweet nectar of the audience they found a home for themselves in the basement of a bank in Chicago. I am delighted to be part of this show. I like this show because from the very start they said, “Jump in and do whatever you want.” It’s like a batter in a batting cage. A stream of fresh stuff coming your way. I do the show one or twice a month. I wish I could do it more.

What is Carl Kassell of “Wait, Wait..” like?

He is a very, very nice man. I don’t know how a person can read the news everyday for all those years and not be just cynical and depressed out of his skull.

What is Peter Sagal like of “Wait, Wait.. ?

He is very funny, a brilliant man. Occasionally they try to get someone else to guest host so that Peter could take a vacation.One time I was there, a person was auditioning for the job. They stumbled over and said, “Oh my god that was hard!!” Peter is so good at what he does, no one really realizes how hard it is. For the longest time he wrote majority of the show, but now he has some help.

Catch Paula at the Birchmere in Alexandria, Va., on Nov. 17 and at least once a month on the top-rated NPR show, “Wait, Wait.. Don’t Tell Me.”

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Totes Inappropes? Introducing '50 Shades Of Grey' Baby Clothing & Swag

50 shades 2012 11 05

Looking to let the whole world know how much sex you had after reading "50 Shades of Grey"? 

Just head on over to Etsy!

Our favorite shopping website is just bursting with "50 Shades" baby apparel that might be better off making an appearance on Regretsy instead.

It's not that we don't believe in putting children in funny onesies -- we totally think it's adorable. It's more that we're not sure how we feel about people using their kids to advertise how kinky they are.

Want some "50 Shades" baby apparel? Check out these shops:


Evangelina's Closet

50 1 2012 11 05


50 2 2012 11 05


50 3 2012 11 05

Amanda's Embroidery Boutique

50 4 2012 11 05


50 5 2012 11 05

Video: 50 Shades of Grey Kareoke - Jimmy Fallon


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Katy Perry Wants To ReTweet You On Election Day (If You Look 'Cool')


Katy Perry's been doing the rounds for Team Obama.

She's out, performing at rallies, lunching with FLOTUS, getting her Grandma out to vote early and receiving shoutouts from Prez Obama.

Katy is also saying that she will RT (retweet) people that vote -- in a cute outfit -- on Election Day.

"If you're over 18, and you have a real cool outfit and you wear it on Tuesday, you tweet me and I'll retweet it," she told an Obama-Biden rally crowd in Milwaukee.

Luvs it.

Katy, you're a "Firework!"

Video: "Firework - Katy Perry



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Who Came To National Guard’s Rescue During Hurricane Sandy? Victoria's Secret

victorias secret 2012 11 5

There were a lot of heroes during Hurricane Sandy—from the police to everyday citizens.

Everyone was pitching to help deal with the recovery from a major natural disaster.

But, who comes to the rescue of the rescuers when they need help? Would you believe the world's largest lingerie company?

When Sandy first hit New York City, the 69th Infantry Regiment of the New York Army National Guard found itself in the same boat as lot of New Yorkers—without power, serious means of communications and hot water. It's a tough spot to be in considering they're the guys who play a major role in the relief and rescue effort.

Luckily for the troops, Victoria's Secret was planning on using its landmark armory on 25th street and Lexington Avenue in Manhattan for an annual TV event the following week. So, the producers for the event set up their generators, which were already there, to provide some basic power for lights and hot water. Then, they figured out how to connect them to the entire building to get the whole thing up and running by Tuesday evening. Victoria's Secret even managed to rig up communications for the Guard via the microwave dish that had been set up help with the broadcast.

Oh, and that wasn't all. ... When the Guard needed help loading and moving emergency supplies, the Victoria's Secret crew happily let them use their forklift.

Good on you, Victoria's Secret. You stepped up and went above and beyond during a crisis.

Also, you guys make some fine undergarments. Not many heroes can say that.

Video: Victoria'sSecret Swim 2012 Collection

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Jordin Sparks Serenades The Troops At 2012 USO Gala In Washington, DC


Having made the rounds of the military bases overseas in the Middle East, American Idol Winner Jordin Sparks serenaded the troops back home at the 2012 USO Gala in Washington, D.C., Friday night.

Jordin, the Dallas Cowboys' cheerleaders and military officials -- think General Martin Dempsey, Admiral Mike Mullen, former JCS Chairman and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta -- gathered to pay tribute to the service members of the year in style. 

MasterChef Winner Jennifer Behm even created a USO-exclusive cocktail (pomegranate lemonade) in honor of the troops, since her brother is currently active in the Air Force.

Volunteer of the Year Sgt. Richard Schuh was wounded in Kandahar before becoming involved in volunteer service. Richard, along with his seven-months-pregnant wife, traveled to our Nation's Capital from Riverside, Calif., to sip cocktails alongside the other honorees.

Here's a full list of the honorees:

-- Soldier of the Year: Staff Sergeant Jacob J. Perkins, C Troop, 1-89 Cavalry, Fort Drum, N.Y.
-- Marine of the Year: Sergeant Clifford M. Wooldridge, Training Company, Marine Corps Security Force Regiment (MCSFR), Naval Support Activity Northwest Annex, Chesapeake, Va.
-- Sailor of the Year: EOD2 (EWS) Gregory F. Gaylor, EODMU Three, Naval Base San Diego, Calif.
-- Airman of the Year: Staff Sergeant Christopher S. Beversdorf, Tactical Air Command and Control Journeyman, 25th Air Support Operations Squadron, Wheeler Army Airfield, Hawaii
-- Coast Guardsman of the Year: ME2 Nicholas A. Beane, Explosive Detection K9 Team, USCG Maritime Security Response Team Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Va.
-- National Guardsman of the Year: Senior Airman Evan J. Stevens, 183rd Fighter Wing’s Security Forces Squadron, Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport, Springfield, Ill.

Fellas, we salute you!

Video: 2012 USA Gala With Jordin Sparks

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Clint Eastwood Beats Oprah Winfrey In Hypothetical Presidential Election

Clint Oprah 2012 11 2

Here's a shocker: there's an election going on.

And, with presidential politics comes polling. (Oh gawd, the polling!) You're probably as sick of it as we are. ... 

But, here's some polling info that you actually might WANT to know: imaginary celebrity election showdowns.

According to voters, Clint Eastwood would win in a head-to-head election against Oprah Winfrey 42% to 34% (with 23% responding with "Not Sure"). The same respondents picked Jon Stewart from the "Daily Show" running on the Democratic ticket instead of "Colbert Show" Star Stephen Colbert as the Republican candidate by a slim margin of 2%.

Oh, and when asked which reality-show competition that American presidential elections should be modeled after, the winner was "American Idol."

The survey, which was conducted by the Public Policy Polling for the Upworthy, asked 930 highly treasured swing-state voters those questions. And, we're just a little annoyed that it's taken so long for someone to come up with this type of polling. After all, we take office polls on these topics all the time.

(Who would make the better senator -- either Lindsay Lohan or James Franco?)

Yes. This has a lot of potential. 


Video: Homer Simpson Tries To Vote For Barack Obama


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The Boss, Bon Jovi, Xtina, Sting & Billy Joel Hit The Stage For Hurricane Sandy Relief

bruce jon xtina 2012 10 01

Who is ready to tune in for a great cause?

Sting and Billy Joel are joining Christina Aguilera, Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi for a concert to benefit Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

The benefit -- hosted by NBC -- will air Friday, Nov. 2, at 8 p.m.

Money collected from the concert will go towards the American Red Cross, which is spearheading efforts to feed and shelter those affected by the storm.

What's really giving us chills, though, is the way television networks are joining in the cause. NBC is allowing other channels not owned by them to air the concert -- so, you can catch it on NBC, USA, SyFy, Bravo, MSNBC, G4 and many, many more.

Definitely tune in for the great cause!

DiD yOu KnOw? ... Think the cast of "Jersey Shore" is totally superficial? Think again! Several of the cast members appeared on "The Tonight Show" to ask viewers to donate and show their support for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Want to help? Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 to the American Red Cross.

Video: John Lennon - "Imagine"

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Japan Invents Environmentally Conscience Toilet Goalkeeper (Why Not?)



Two Japanese companies have collaborated for what might be the year’s most head-scratching invention: a toilet goalie.
... Yeah.

TOTO, a toilet manufacturer, and toto, a sports lottery organization, have developed the "Super Great Toilet Keeper" (SGTK) as an ambassador for an campaign that supports green initiatives in Japan.
The SGTK uses two 250 frames-per-second cameras to judge oncoming soccer balls' speed and trajectory, then fires another ball to block the shot. The video, below, demonstrates SGTK’s effectiveness against Japanese soccer Great Tatsuhiko 'Dragon' Kubo.

Soccer fans will reportedly get to see the toilet live before it’s available for rentals at $7,500 a pop. (Get it?)
Whatever you do, just don’t get it confused with your normal, everyday toilet.

That mistake will leave a mark.

Video: Super Great Toilet Keeper

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Cool Auction Alert: Tulane University's Helluva Hullaballoo Is Coming To A Laptop Near You

tulane helluva hullaballoo 2012 10 31

Time to pull out the checkbooks, folks!

This year's "Helluva Hullaballoo Auction & Party" will not only benefit the student-athletes at Tulane University -- it's also chock-full of awesome prizes you can win by simply bidding.

"What kind of prizes?," you may be asking yourself.

How about lunch with Doug Ellen, creator and executive producer of HBO's "Entourage" -- or, lunch for two with Sen. Mary Landrieu in Washington, D.C.?

Not feeling it?

You could also have drinks with "Mad Men" Star Bryan Batt, meet Manchester United or win a Chris Bosh-autographed jersey.

Want to donate to a great cause? Check out the entire auction, here.

DiD yOu KnOw? ... Bryan Batt -- a.k.a. "Salvatore Romano" on AMC's "Mad Men" -- is a former Tulane alumn! Check out his endorsement of the Hullaballoo event , below.


Video: Bryan Batt invites you to the Hullaballoo Auction


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'Jersey Shore' Boss Man Danny Merk Is Ready To Rebuild The East Coast


Danny Merk, the boss and landlord for the cast of "Jersey Shore," can't wait to get back into his hometown.

Not so much because he misses it -- though we're sure he does -- but, because he's ready to get to rebuilding the Shore after the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy.

"We were on such a high after the show," he said. "We were the town on the rise, a freight train, a roller coaster. It's just a terrible thing."

So, what's the plan?

"We're going to buy supplies here in Florida and we're going to come there with plywood and drywall and attack it, do the best job we can possibly do," he explained.

Oh! We love a man who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty -- especially for a good cause.

DiD yOu KnOw? ... Danny isn't the only Jersey celeb trying to get the state back in shape after the hurricane. The rest of the "Jersey Shore" cast is urging people to donate to relief efforts. How can you help? Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 to the American Red Cross.

Video: Michael Jackson - Heal the World


Photo: Danny and JWOWW via tumblr



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Uphill Battle: Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn Says She Wants To Take On The Boys


Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn is done watching the boys from the sides of the slope.

She wants in.

Lindsey is petitioning to compete in the men’s World Cup downhill race in Lake Louise, Alberta, Nov. 24. The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association submitted a request on her behalf to the International Ski Federation (FIS) Tuesday.

She has a record 53 World Cup wins, and she’s won the women’s race in Lake Louise nine times. But, whether she’ll be able to go up against the men depends on more than her track record. FIS President Gian Franco Kasper said that while “everything is completely open,” he’s “not very optimistic.”

You’re fighting an uphill battle, Lindz.

What’s the matter, guys? Scared of getting chicked?

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Hangin' Tough: Donnie Wahlberg Takes Us On A Tour Of His Sandy-Drenched Bachelor Pad


New Kids On The Block Star & Actor Donnie Wahlberg got more than wind from Hurricane Sandy at his NYC digs.

He got a whole lot of water. In fact, his entire place was completely flooded.

So, he did exactly what we would in a crazy situation like that -- he took several videos of the damage and tweeted it.

Check it out:

But, despite the damage, Donnie still made sure to concentrate on the more important issue at hand.

"This is just material shit, everyone be safe! Don't be messing around," he said.

Follow Donnie on Twitter for more post-hurricane updates: @DonnieWahlberg. 



Video: "Hangin' Tough" - New Kids On The Block


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Pentagon Unveils $2 MIllion Humanoid Robot Contest, Which You Can Join

DARPA Robot 2012 10 30

It's no secret that the Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) comes up with some of the coolest stuff.

The agency is largely credited with coming up with the Internet -- and, most recently, it kept the idea of self-driving cars alive until Google got interested.

Now, they're looking for a humanoid robot and are willing to shell out $2 million for it ... to pretty much anyone that can design a working model.

Last week, DARPA officially revealed the details for its "Robotics Challenge." The goal of the contest is the production of a robot that moves like a person and can be used to work in extremely dangerous disaster zones, like Japan's damaged Fukushima nuclear reactor, which would be hazardous for actual humans.

Like previous DARPA challenges, teams of researchers from various firms and academic departments have been selected to create prototypes, but this time they've also launched an online initiative allowing the public to enter as well. Either teams or individuals can submit their applications and use DARPA's online design simulation program to create their prototype models and/or software.

So, if you're a nerd with a dream, check it out!

At this point in the story we would usually make some joke about the government inviting the general public to participate in helping to create future robot overlords, but it's $2 million. So, we're just going to leave it at that.

Video: "I'll Be Back"


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