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Oh, Snap: Yahoo! CEO Scott Thompson Busted ... For Lying On His Resume

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Scott Thompson is the CEO of Yahoo! and he's currently in a bit of trouble.

You see, Scott is in a kind of feud with a major Yahoo! shareholder, Dan Loeb, who runs the Third Point hedge fund. And, in the latest development of their ever-increasing power-struggle for control of whatever is that Yahoo! does to make money these days, Dan dropped a bit of bombshell this week: Scott padded his resume!

[Cue dramatic music]

Yes, it seems that even though Scott claimed to have graduated from Stonehill College with a bachelor's degree in accounting and computer science -- he really only received a bachelor of Science in accounting. In fact, at the time he was a student, Stonehill didn't even offer a degree in computer science ... and it only had one class on the subject: Intro to Computer Science.

What's worse is that Scott has been perpetuating this little white lie about his education for years. It was even in his official bio when he was the president of PayPal.

Of course, many will argue that Scott's years of experience in the tech industry more than make up for the lack of a degree, but we're more worried about what part of Scott's resume to believe anymore.

Did he really once work for Barclays Global Investors? Is it true that he was 2011's Ernst & Young "Entrepreneur of the Year?"

And, what about this listing of "fighting ninjas" under "skills and talents"?

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