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Politics, Sex & Gossip: John Edwards' Trial Kicks Off

johnedwards 2012_4_23

Not too long ago, John Edwards was the pretty boy POTUS contender in the Democratic Party.

The former North Carolina senator -- and once Veep candidate -- had a rag-to-riches life story, an eloquent public speaking style, and a picture-perfect family. He also had an awesome head of hair.

But, oh, how things change.

This week, John's criminal trial kicks off in Greensboro. And, according to federal prosecutors, John received close to one million dollars in secret campaign contributions from two wealthy donors that he used to cover up his affair and eventual love child with Rielle Hunter. (Didn't work so well now, did it?)

John faces six charges:

  • one indictment for conspiracy;
  • one indictment for making false statements; and
  • four counts of illegal campaign contributions. 

Each charge carries a potential prison sentence of five years, which leaves him with a very real possibility of serving up to 30 years in prison.

But every thing isn't that cut and dry. Because of the nature of the charges, the Feds have to prove (1) that being a family man was essential to John's candidacy (ironically, if he had a reputation as a philander he probably wouldn't have been charged) and (2) that he was knowingly breaking the law at the time.

To prove their case, as well as get the jury on their side, prosecutors are expecting to heavily explore the whole affair, the betrayal of his devoted wife with cancer, and the love-child story. So, expect juicy details and entertaining political sex gossip.

Yeah, we're pretty pumped for this, too.

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