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Oh, Snap: GSA Official Was In A Hot Tub In Vegas, Spending Gov't Cash (P.S. There Are Pics)

jeff neely_2012_4_17

Meet Jeffrey Neely.

He’s a regional commissioner for the General Services Administration (GSA) and seems to be the one who’s getting most of the blame for the agency’s recent Vegas scandal.

Our smarter readers will remember that a recent Inspector General investigation uncovered some expensive details about a GSA conference in Sin City in October 2010. The extravagant meetup for the agency in charge of managing and supporting all the other federal agencies in a fiscally responsible manner cost more than $800,000 and forced GSA head Martha Johnson to resign.

But, now ... everyone’s taking a hard look at Jeff for his involvement in the pre-planning for the conference. It seems that there were eight scouting and off-site meetings pre-conference in 2009, which cost about $130,000 in travel and catering expenses. When asked about it during a Congressional hearing on Monday, Jeff took the fifth.

That same day, reporters got a hold of pics of Jeff on one his scouting trips from his wife Deborah’s Google+ account. They depict the suspended civil servant enjoying the luxuries of the M Hotel suites, including the incredibly incriminating above shot of him in the hot tub with wine. (That’s not good.)

We’re pretty sure Deborah posted and then deleted the photos from all her other digital haunts -- she just forgot about Google+ ... like everyone else.


Below, please find Las Vegas photos, which we hijacked from the Google archives - which originated in Deborah Neely's Google+ account












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