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Kim Kardashian BFF Jonathan Cheban Shows Up At Kris Humphries' Nets Game

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We're in the Big Apple this week, which is right smack-dab next door to  Gov. Chris Christie's Newark, New Jersey.

Now, we've never really been to Newark. So, when we heard the Nets were playing (a.k.a. Kris Humphries' team) we were on it!

Our driver picked us up at 7 p.m. and we headed through the Holland Tunnel to Prudential Center (nicknamed "The Rock").

We're not sure how we got so lucky, but there were two front row seats available on the half-court line. Five hundred bucks? No problemo. That was nothing to pay considering the fact that we were about to encounter a schizza-load of hot NBA bods. 

New Jersey Nets + Altanta Hawks = More than 20 hunks for $500
(Small price to pay to be squished in between two teams o' hotness.)

Don't tell the Net's box office peeps, but If we'd known that Kim Kardashian's BFF, Reality Star and Celeb Publicist Jonathan Cheban, would be there as well ... we would have paid more.

You see, it was recently in the news that Jonathan allegedly threatened Kris with a $5 million lawsuit (for defamation of character after Kris' on-camera questioning of his sexuality), which -- despite the fact that Jonathan denies this claim -- makes the KK BFF's presence at the Nets game some seriously awkard sauce.

Not much happened, though. Jonathan just sat still and twiddled on his phone -- not even watching the game all that much and barely talking to his blonde lady friend. Our favorite moment was when he appeared to get lost. (He had to be escorted to his seat after half-time.) He did, however, pose for some pics with fans, which was nice -- before leaving early.

Were not really sure why Mr. Cheban even bothered to attend the game. But, the fans in our section (No. 19, rows 1, 2 and 3) came up with a few ideas:

1. He was there to stir up some schizza with Kris.
2. He was there to apologize.
3. He was there to rub in the fact that he is still keeping up with the Kardashians.
4. He was there on a date to prove he is not gay.

These are all possibilities, but we just think Jonathan was there to try to get a little attention since, well, he's sort of an attention whore. But, who are we to judge? We kinda wrote the handbook on shameless self promotion.

Seriously, though ... is he ghey or not?

Screen shot_2012-01-09_at_11.58.36_PM
Glittarazzi's Kelly Ann Collins (a.k.a. me - @kellyanncollins) and my biz partner, Ali Lewis (@barbiedoesdc) at the game.


"You're So Gay" by Katy Perry - A song that makes us think of this whole sexuality thing.

Screen shot_2012-01-10_at_2.41.27_AM
Our tickets! (Well worth the $506.)

Screen shot_2012-01-10_at_2.56.56_AM
Hot Nets dancers on TV in front of us.

Screen shot_2012-01-10_at_2.38.23_AM

Jonathan Cheban - front row; third person from the right.

Screen shot_2012-01-10_at_1.24.17_PM

Jonathan with fans in his section.

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