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Mitt Romney Gets A Celeb Endorsement (Finally!): Robert Duvall To Host Fundraiser

robert duvall 2012 08 01

Barack Obama is no longer the only presidential candidate beloved by celebs.

Actor Robert Duvall -- of "The Godfather" fame -- will host a fundraiser for Mitt Romney in Virginia.

Some might argue that Robert doesn't have the "cool" factor of, say, Beyoncé or Sarah Jessica Parker (both Obama supporters), but, to them, we say: he was in "The Godfather!!" How much cooler do you get than that?

The fundraiser takes place at Robert's home in Loudon County, Va., on Sept. 6. 

Ticket prices start at $2,500.

DiD yOu KnOw? ... OK, so Robert isn't actually the first celeb to endorse Mitt. But, he is the first one to host a fundraiser. Check out Mitt's other celebrity supporters, here.

Video: 'The Godfather' Theme Song

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