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Wait -- Could President Obama Really Lose The Arkansas Dem Primary?

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Well, this must be kind embarrassing for President Obama.

It seems that POTUS is having some stiff competition in one of the Democratic state primaries. Arkansas to be exact.

You see, a Tennessee lawyer, John Wolfe Jr., is challenging the President in the May 22 primary and he's currently only seven points behind POTUS in the most recent polls. And that's without any advertising on John's part whatsoever. Of course, the polling showing John's lead was taken the day after Obama's ABC interview in which he came out in support of gay marriage.

This challenge from an out-of-nowhere candidate actually isn't that unprecedented in conservative states -- in fact, in West Virginia's primary a federal prisoner just grabbed more than 40% of the vote while the President got 57%.

We kind of like this trend of the President having to fend off random crazies in primary elections for states in which he as no chance of winning in the general election. After Arkansas is Texas, which holds its Dem primary race on May 29 and where John will once again be running.

Should be fun.

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