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Here's Proof That Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan Are Having A Political Bromance


Now that Mitt Romney has the Republican Presidential nomination pretty much in the bag, the latest talk around Washington, D.C., watercoolers revolves around just who Mitt will pick as his running mate.

One name that's getting some serious speculation? Rep. Paul Ryan. Why? Well, mainly because of the brewing bromance between Paul and Mitt.

Here are the four stages of a political bromance, which we believe Paul and Mill have completed:

1. It all started earlier this month when Paul hung out with Mitt for a few days on the campaign trail in Paul's home state of Wisconsin. He even helped Mitt's staff pull an April fool's day prank on the GOP frontrunner. (Pranking is a key step in the bromance courting stage).

2. Then, Paul introduced his budget to congress, which was packed full of tax cuts and slashes to domestic spending -- and Mitt was all about it, giving his full public support. (It's such a bro move to back up your buddy's proposed federal-spending plan).

3. Finally, the pair were recently thrown out of a movie theater after they were caught trying to sneak beer in to a showing of the latest Liam Neeson action flick. OK, maybe that last one isn't true, but you get the idea.

4. When asked point-blank about the possibility of running for Veep, Paul told a reporter "If this bridge ever comes that I should cross it, then I'll think about it then. It's not the time to think about it." (Not making a big deal about your relationship? Bromance complete.)

Look out, Barack and Joe -- the Mitt and Paul show is coming for ya. 

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