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Was Mitt Romney Born In Mexico? Inquiring Birthers Want To Know (Like, ASAP)

mittromney 2012_4_11

We’re going to file this under “we did not see that coming.”

It seems that several members of the "Birther Movement" have filed a lawsuit in California, asking the secretary of state to verify that Republican GOP Front-Runner Mitt Romney’s birth certificate proves he is in fact a “natural born citizen” and thus eligible to run for President.

Say what?!

Yeah, well, the birthers are still dedicated to proving that President Obama was born in Kenya -- despite the release of his (both short and long-form) birth certificate, and the lawsuit is asking that all presidential candidates be verified as meeting the requirements of running for President of the United States of America.

Why would they start asking about Mitt?

Well, Mitt’s dad was born in Mexico because his grandfather (Mitt’s great-grandfather) fled the USA to avoid anti-polygamy laws (he had four wives) and to create a Romney family colony in Mexico. So, there’s a conspiracy theory that maybe Mitt was really born in Mexico and that his familycovered it up in case he ever wanted to be President.


We know. It’s nuts.

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